A delightful mix of songs, rhymes and music activities that help to build self-confidence and communication skills. The children use both untuned and tuned percussion instruments to create steady beat accompaniments to songs and rhymes.

Sessions include:

  • The use of a variety of equipment including puppets, books, magnetic board, scarves, bean bags, chime bars, felts, lycra and the parachute
  • Singing
  • Creative movement
  • Dance, both structured and creative
  • Fingerplays and counting games
  • Circle games
  • Pictorial representation of sounds to develop pitch and tempo

Music also helps your child with:

  • Developing muscle strength
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Language, listening and communication skills
  • Counting, forwards and backwards
  • Social development, turn taking and bonding
  • Gaining self-confidence

Age Range: 3-5 year olds
Class Length: 40 minutes a week
When: Friday 11.30am
Cost: $135 per term


Our three and a half year old daughter commenced classes with the Music Tree when she was five months old. Since then her music classes with Tonya have been a much enjoyed and looked forward to weekly event. We always hear about “music class on Wednesday” and take delight in our daughter singing the newest songs that she’s experienced in class. Chris + Beck Murray