A delightful mix of songs, rhymes and music activities that help to build self-confidence and communication skills. The children use both untuned and tuned percussion instruments to create steady beat accompaniments to songs and rhymes.

Sessions include:

  • The use of a variety of equipment including puppets, books, magnetic board, scarves, bean bags, chime bars, felts, lycra and the parachute
  • Singing
  • Creative movement
  • Dance, both structured and creative
  • Fingerplays and counting games
  • Circle games
  • Pictorial representation of sounds to develop pitch and tempo

Music also helps your child with:

  • Developing muscle strength
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Language, listening and communication skills
  • Counting, forwards and backwards
  • Social development, turn taking and bonding
  • Gaining self-confidence

superwwdadminPlaysongs | 3-4 yrs