Newsletter 1st Term 2017

Welcome to The Music Tree. I hope you have all enjoyed the summer and are ready for a fun filled year of music.  Dates & Accounts  First term will consist of 9 lessons and commences on Friday February 10th and concludes on Thursday April 13th. Easter break and the 1st term school holiday starts on Friday April 14th. Payment details are on the …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter 1st Term 2017

2017 Enrolments

The online booking forms will be updated with 2017 info soon, but take a look at the new timetable 🙂

Tonya Norris2017 Enrolments

2017 Timetable now available

The online booking forms will be updated with 2017 info soon, but take a look at the new timetable 🙂

Tonya Norris2017 Timetable now available

Newsletter 4th Term 2016

Welcome to the final term of lessons for 2016. Thanks to everyone who attended our Play School concert in September, I was very proud of all the children and we had a fabulous morning. Dates                                                       …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter 4th Term 2016

Newsletter Term 2, 2016

Welcome to the 2nd term of lessons.  Dates and Accounts                                                                                                     …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter Term 2, 2016

Newsletter Term 3

Welcome to the 3rd and most exciting term of music lessons – yes it’s concert time and I’m spending the holidays working on ideas. See below for more details. The new rug in the music room has been a massive success with many comments on how comfy it is.   Dates and Accounts The 3rd term of lessons commences on the …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter Term 3

Newsletter Term 2 2015

Welcome to the 2nd term of lessons for 2015, I hope you all had a relaxing Easter break.  Dates and Accounts The 2nd term of lessons commences on the week of April 20th and concludes 11 weeks later on July 3rd. Payment is due within 14 days of the date on the account and can be made by cheque, cash (please place …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter Term 2 2015

Newsletter Term 1 2015

Welcome to The Music Tree for 2015! Dates & Accounts The 1st term commences the week of Monday February 9th and concludes on Thursday April 2nd. Easter starts on Friday April 3rd and is part of the school holiday break which goes through to April 19th. This means that Friday students will have a 7 week term and everyone else …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter Term 1 2015

Newsletter Term 4

Dates and Accounts The 4th term of lessons commences on the week of October 13th and concludes 9 weeks later on December 12th. I will be away Wednesday November 19th and Thursday November 20th watching Katy Perry in Melbourne (yay!!), students with lessons on these days will only be billed for 8 weeks. Payment is due by Friday October 17th …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter Term 4

Newsletter Term 3, 2014

A big welcome to the 3rd term of lessons especially to all the new families joining us for the first time. I’ve just returned from a couple of days at Cradle Mountain and while we didn’t climb the actual mountain I did manage to get my kids up to the top of Marions Lookout on a day with some fabulous …

Tonya NorrisNewsletter Term 3, 2014