Family Fun

A mixed ages class that allows busy parents to bring more than one child at a time. Have fun making music with the whole family.

New for 2023: Family Fun Advanced                                                                                                          For those that have participated in a class previously, OR for older children aged 3-5 years.

The class includes the following sensory-based activities:

  • Singing to learn about pitch and rhythm
  • Creative movement to stimulate body awareness and creativity
  • Circle dances
  • Use of untuned percussion instruments to create a steady beats
  • Lap rides
  • Fingerplays and counting games
  • Singing books
  • Use of the parachute, lycra, scarves, felts, bubbles, balls, soft toys and magnetic board

Music also helps your child with:

Body awareness

  • Discovering various ways of moving their different body parts.
  • Cross patterning movement, which builds connections between the left and right side of the brain and the body, leading to better communication and the development of cognitive thinking.

Learning to move

  • Developing muscle strength.
  • Co-ordinating gross motor skills (needed for walking, jumping, stamping, and running), and fine motor skills (needed for things such as grasping and finger control, and later for writing).
  • Vestibular system (balance). Rocking, spinning, swinging and rolling are all very important to help develop this system. Balance allows a child to co-ordinate vision with movement, and is essential for walking, running, climbing and, later, riding a bike.


  • Acquiring and practising language, developing vocabulary through words of songs, using rhyme and repetition.
  • Counting (forwards and backwards).
  • Developing memory.
  • Social development, sharing and turn taking.
  • Bonding and self-confidence

Age Range: mixed ages
Class Length: 30 minutes a week, Advanced Class 35 minutes a week.
When: Wednesday 9.15am  OR                 Advanced Class: Wednesday 9.55am
Cost: $115 per term or                                 $120 per term for the advanced class


One of the most important things to me as a parent of two toddlers is ensuring they are exposed to as many fun and engaging ways of learning as possible and develop a great sense of self and confidence. This is why I take my kids to The Music Tree.

All lessons and activities have a purpose and it is really evident that owner and creator of this program, Tonya, really knows her stuff. I hope that my children develop a taste for more formal instrument education later however if not, I really believe music should be part of every young child’s development. Sarah Yates