Information for Children in the Keyboard/Guitar Classes

Welcome to the Music Tree…

The following is some general information along with some suggestions to help your child to get the most out of their lessons.

  • It may take some children a few weeks to settle into the routine of lessons this is normal.
  • The general structure of each week’s session is similar with a varied content.
  • Children in the after school keyboard, ukulele and guitar classes will need to have an instrument at home on which they can practice. If you need any assistance in purchasing an instrument talk to your tutor or visit Barratts Music in George Street.
  • It is suggested that you aim to practice 5 days a week for 5-10 minutes each time. Short regular practice is much more beneficial than one long session a week.
  • It is of great benefit to your child if an adult is present during the lesson as they are not only able to help during the class but it is then much easier for the child to practice at home.
  • Each lesson is not only designed to develop your child’s musical skills in a fun environment but also aims to promote motor, social and developmental milestones eg: fine motor skills to pop bubbles, co-operative play in sharing instruments and use of the parachute.
  • Please feel free to approach your teacher if you have any concerns, queries or other feedback. Alternatively, there is a Suggestion Box located in the kitchen area next to the tea and coffee.

We look forward to seeing you there!