Newsletter term 1 2014

Welcome to The Music Tree 2014

Dates & Accounts

The 1st term commences on Monday February 10th and concludes on Thursday April 17th. Easter starts on Friday April 18th and is part of the school holiday break which goes through to May 4th. This means that Friday students will have a 9 week term and everyone else will have a 10 week term.
With the shorter terms I have decided that payments will now be due within 14 days of the date on the account and can be made by cheque, cash (please place in an envelope with your name on it) or by direct deposit to my ANZ account BSB 017-042 account number 4953-79007. Make all cheques payable to The Music Tree. If you have any problems paying on time please let me know.

Lesson Times

Your lesson details will be on your invoice, unless you are enrolled in the baby class in which case your lesson is on Friday’s at 9.30am and the cost is $7.00 per week.
If there is any reason you won’t be attending or need to change times please let me know ASAP as there are people waiting to get into some of the classes.
Classes continue to be held at the Punchbowl Christian Centre, 100 Punchbowl Road.

Concert Dates

The following concert dates have been booked for this year, please be sure to put them on your calendar:
Soiree: (instrumental students) Saturday June 14th, 2.00pm at the Punchbowl Centre
Annual Concert: (everyone except private piano students) Saturday September 13th, 10.30am at the Punchbowl Centre.
We will also have an end of year concert and party for our instrumental students sometime in December.


This year we will again be performing at Festivale. Please come and join us for our fully interactive shows, Saturday Feb 8th at 1.30pm and 3.30pm in the Kids Kingdom area.

Start Times

Please try to ensure that you arrive a couple of minutes early for your class. Children 4 years old and under must have an adult present for the entire lesson. It is preferable that parents of the 5-8 year old keyboard classes and guitar players stay and watch if possible as this gives you the opportunity help your child both in the class and at home. If you are leaving please ensure that you are back in time to collect your child as there won’t be any supervision outside the seminar room.


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Tea & Coffee

Help yourselves to hot drinks and water, the milk is in the fridge, but please wash your cup afterwards.

Cancellation and Absentee Policy

Missed lessons will not be refunded, but a make up lesson may be done on another day if there is availability in a different class. All make up lessons must be taken within the term with a maximum of 3 make up lessons each term. If you are in one of the keyboard or guitar classes you can e-mail me to find out which pages of the book we covered.
If lessons are cancelled within the first two weeks of booking, no cancellation fee applies, but those two lessons must be paid for. However, after this period, a booking and administration fee of $30 will be incurred in addition to the fees for lessons up to the time of cancellation. All cancellations must be to Tonya either in person, by phone or email.

What to Expect and How to Get The Most From Your Class

The following contains some general information along with suggestions to help you and your child to get the most out of lessons.

Children learn best in a fun and supportive environment.

It may take some children a few weeks to settle into the routine of lessons – this is normal. The first lesson in particular can be quite daunting for a child coming into a new environment with lots of new people and activities going on. Be patient with your child as they adjust to all the new things, there is a routine to each class but it is going to take your child a few weeks to become familiar with it. Sometimes children will sing at home and in the car but not at their lesson, again this is nothing to worry about, it will happen eventually it just takes some children a little longer. They are still processing information and benefiting from being part of the class.

The general structure of each week’s session is similar with a varied content. Children learn by repetition (they won’t get bored like we do) and we present a mixture of new and familiar songs along with different ideas on how to use them. You will receive handouts of songs to take home. The children will learn what to expect as they get used to the routine.

Each lesson is not only designed to develop your child’s musical skills in a fun and nurturing environment but also aims to promote age appropriate developmental skills such as gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination, language, memory, social skills and bonding.

Encourage your child to sit with you on the floor from the beginning. If you can set up a good routine at the start this will make it easier throughout the year. If your child does become upset or disruptive please take them out of the room for a few moments until they feel more settled and ready to return.

Help your child learn to respect the instruments by encouraging them to use them correctly. Instruments should not be thrown, banged on the floor or hit too hard -drums will break eventually and are expensive to replace.

The classes are designed as a parent/child session. Children take their cues from you, their first role model and number one encourager and your child will get the maximum benefit if you are able to sing along with them and participate in the activities (no-one is judging your singing ability, in fact your child likes your voice better than anyone else’s no matter what you sound like). Try and sing some of the songs and rhymes at home. Please catch up with other parents before and after class, this way not only does your child have your full attention but it make things much easier for your tutor who has to talk and sing all day.

Please feel free to approach your teacher if you have any concerns, queries or other feedback. Alternatively, there is a Suggestion Box located in the kitchen area next to the tea and coffee.

We look forward to seeing you there!!

If you have any queries please contact me on 0407 344 107 or email

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