Private Lessons

Individual lessons for beginners of all ages, or those with limited musical experience. These private music lessons are tailored to suit the individual needs of each student. Students are also offered regular opportunities to perform in a relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere.

Children enrolled in this course need to have their own instrument and will be expected to practise on a regular basis.

Piano/keyboard is a fantastic instrument to start on and it sounds great as a solo instrument or in a band with others. Why is it such a great instrument to start on?

  • It’s easy to understand.
  • All the notes are laid out in order from lowest to highest.
  • It is easy to sound a note – just push down a key! (some instruments require quite an effort to make a good sound and can prove large and cumbersome for young children)

Piano is capable of melody and harmony so you can learn to play both and to read both bass and treble clef. As a result the skills learnt on this instrument set you up really well to play something different at a later date if you want.

Duration: 30 minutes a week
Cost: From $38/week (paid per term)

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