Shake, Rattle + Strum

A fun way to learn the guitar with one of Launceston’s leading teachers. Students also take part in a program of creative games, movement and activities to reinforce the concepts learnt on the instrument.

Sessions also include:

  • Movement, both creative and structured
  • Part playing on melodic and non-melodic percussion instruments
  • The chance to improvise on percussion instruments
  • Reading and writing rhythm patterns using both picture cards and conventional notation
  • Card games to reinforce the concepts needed to successfully understand music
  • Singing and listening activities
  • A wide variety of props are used including the parachute, lycra, streamers and scarves

Music also helps your child with:

  • Developing muscle strength
  • Development and co-ordination of fine and gross motor skills
  • Language, listening and communication skills
  • Counting forwards and backwards
  • Social development, turn-taking and bonding
  • Gaining self-confidence

superwwdadminShake, Rattle + Strum | 6-8 yrs