Special Sessions

The Music Tree offers special music sessions for schools, playgroups and childcare centres etc. or entertainment for larger events such as Expos and Festivals.

School and playgroup sessions are generally 45 minutes, but can be adapted to suit your needs. Sessions are fully interactive and can be tailored to suit any number of themes. This can be booked as a single session or for a block of lessons. We also do school socials both Early Childhood and Primary.

Prices start at just $150. We can come to you or you can use our facilities at Punchbowl (subject to availability).

The Music Tree can also provide entertainment for large events run by fundraising groups, councils, and committees etc. Our entertainment is fully interactive so great fun for all involved. These performances are designed to fit the specific needs of your event and are guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

Price on application: email info@themusictree.com.au or phone 0407 344 107.

special-sessions Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to experience The Music Tree at Pilgrim Child Care.

We are an Occasional Child Care Centre catering for up to 25 children at any one time, ages between 0-6 years. We have family grouping and are all in one room which is quite challenge in itself. So it is exciting to see how well The Music Tree works within the Centre, with all the children and educators joining in and having a wonderful time.

It has caused a buzz between the parents, who will book their children into the Centre on the two days The Music Tree is in.

We have a large number of refugees who attend the Centre. It is quite delightful to see them, at first, watch what is going on, then join in, learning all the actions and songs.

A month or so before Christmas Tonya teaches songs to the children that they are able to sing and perform at the Children’s Christmas Party. Over the last two years, we have had Tonya as our guest artist at our Christmas Party. The parents (especially the multi-cultural ones) are usually amazed at how their children join in and sing along.

We have many photos in our scrapbook of all the antics the children get up to whilst The Music Tree is in the Centre. I recommend anyone considering having The Music Tree at their venue to try it out; you will be quietly surprised. Marilyn Chapman
DIRECTOR - Pilgrim Child Care Centre

All our special events and training sessions incorporate the use of varied props including:


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