Tiny Tunes

This class is specially designed to introduce parents and babies to the music. Immerse your baby in a rich diversity of activities and sensory experiences each week at your lesson and learn how to integrate them into baby’s daily life. Bounces, rhymes, tickles, peek a boo, percussion instruments, the parachute and bubbles are all part of the fun in this program.

The program deals with the following musical elements all of which help form the building blocks of music:

  • Constant steady beat
  • Discrimination between high/low, fast/slow and loud/soft
  • Use of un-tuned percussion instruments
  • Create movement
  • Use of puppets, bubbles, scarves, and the parachute

Music also helps your child with:

  • Co-ordination and balance
  • Body awareness
  • Development of gross motor skills
  • Language, listening and communication skills
  • Social development and bonding

Age Range: Babies 5 months up to 18 months
Class Length: 30 minutes a week
When: Friday 1.50pm
Cost: $70 per term