What To Expect and How To Get The Most From Your Class

Welcome to The Music Tree! Here’s a guide to enhance your experience and ensure your child gets the most out of our classes.

• Children thrive in a fun and supportive environment.

• It’s normal for some children to take a few weeks to settle into the routine. The first lesson can be overwhelming, so arrive a bit early to let your child explore and meet their tutor. Be patient as they adjust to the new environment. It’s common for children to sing at home but not in class initially—this is normal, and they are still benefiting from being part of the class.

• Each week follows a similar structure with a mix of new and familiar songs. Children learn through repetition, and our Facebook page often features song lyrics. The routine becomes familiar over time.

• Classes aim not only to develop musical skills but also promote age-appropriate developmental skills like motor skills, coordination, language, memory, social skills, and bonding.

• Encourage your child to sit with you on the floor from the start. Establishing a routine early on makes the rest of the year smoother. If your child becomes upset, take them out briefly until they’re ready to return.

• Learning occurs in small steps; singing class songs at home enhances participation.

• Teach your child to respect instruments by using them correctly. Instruments should not be thrown or banged too hard, as they may break.

• Classes are designed for parent/child interaction. Your child takes cues from you, so participating enhances their experience. Sing along and engage in activities. Don’t worry about your singing ability—your child prefers your voice.

• Connect with other parents before and after class. This ensures your child has your full attention and helps the tutor, who talks and sings all day.

• Feel free to approach your teacher with concerns or feedback. We look forward to seeing you there!